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Innovative Tree Service is your local certified arborist located in Bakersfield, CA. We have many years of combined experience and do work all over California. Our certified estimators and arborist are dedicated to your property and the safety of your trees. Additionally, our employees live and work in your community meaning we are open to building trustworthy relationships with all of our customers.
Certified Arborist
Our arborist have studied and trained to learn the proper methods of trimming and removing trees on your property. This means our arborist have taken the time to get certified and take their service seriously.
Top of the Line Equipment
We take pride in our tools and equipment to make sure we get the job done correctly and on schedule. Innovative Tree Service has invested in quality machinery to be absolutely sure we can perform at the highest level.
Competitive Estimates
We are definitely not the cheapest but if you're looking for cheap we are not your best choice. Like any business we have overhead and pay highly trained professionals to complete your work. Our estimates are as fair as any other tree service in town.
When it's time to remove or trim a tree on your property it can be a difficult process. You will probably have the most important questions like "how much is this going to run me", and "who can do a good professional job?" We understand you have options out there and we want to help educate you before you make a major decision. That said, we are offering a FREE consultation to whoever wants to pick the brains of our experienced estimators. We have many years of experience helping people that have been in your shoes and want to guide you down the right path.
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